Suggestions for the Restoration and Care of:


The ancient Christian site of:

Saint Attracta's Home of Hospitality

c. 500 to 1500

(Burial areas: Boyle, Ballinameen, Breedogue and Killaraght)

We, who have our ancestral burial plots in Killaraght Graveyard, should extend our awareness of respect to this sacred place. A graveyard should be a symbol of hope for eternal life, a place for remembrance, reflection and prayer. Care of a graveyard is a catharsis for the living and a respect for the dead.

BURIAL LIST: A list covering the above areas can be found on this website. Names have been extracted from various sources but the list is not comprehensive. Corrections and additions maybe made by email. Please quote the line number for corrections. A disc can be made available on request. 80% burials Co. Roscommon. 20% burials Co. Sligo (Killaraght only)

  1. MAIN AVENUE IN GRAVEYARD: In March, 2001, with the help of Breedogue Co. Cllr., John Cummins and Tony Bambrick of the “Roscommon Concerned Graveyards Restoration Committee”, this main avenue was resurfaced by Sligo Co. Co. The avenue is perfect now.
  2. GRAVEYARD FENCES: These fences are in a deplorable state, especially with grazing cattle in the adjoining fields. The fences should be the responsibility of Sligo Co. Co.

  3. PEDESTRIAN PATHS: The paths should be retrieved. The paths are there but not visible. A recognised archaeologist might have to supervise this work as the famine stones would require special care. Again, this work should be the responsibility of Sligo Co. Co.

  4. WATER TAP: A water tap should be installed as there is no water available for bedding plants

  5. SEAT WITH KNEELER: Place one seat with kneeler near the new altar. (Donor or collective funds)

(A) Famine victims buried in Killaraght Graveyard.

(B) Unbaptised still born infants buried over countless generations in the non-consecrated areas of Killaraght Graveyard. For the younger reader, and for those who may not know, burials were made by the perimeter walls. These innocents were denied Christian burials in their own consecrated family plots. Remember Limbo? (C) The unknown and forgotten. (Being blunt, these are paupers' graves.) All the above (a,b, and c) should be financed from collective funds.

  1. SYMBOL: A new symbol should be erected in Killaraght Graveyard – an electric candle (eternal life) or an illuminated dove of peace (rest in peace). Apart from the spiritual, a visible symbol at night could raise the awareness of a speeding motorist. (Again, Collective funds, or maybe a Sponsor, provided adequate acknowledgement is given)

  2. ENTRANCE BLOCK WALL: This wall is very raw. If possible, “stone face”.

  3. GRASS: Ensure that the grass is cut six times each year. This could be done by contract from collective funds

REFERENCE: ARDCARNE GRAVEYARD. This graveyard is well worth a visit by anybody interested in the restoration and care of graveyards. Tony Bambrick, Dorthy Gillespie and David Gillespie, all connected with Ardcarne Graveyard Committee, would be pleased to share their experience.

It is hard work and it takes too long to make all the mistakes oneself, it is easier to learn from the experience of others.”

(Frank Conry's suggestions)


NOTE: On this website you will find a “Notice Board”. Please leave your suggestions for the Restoration and Care of Killaraght Graveyard. The “Notice Board” is public. Other people may read all the suggestions made and can dialogue with each other.

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